I can't begin to tell you how glad I am to have found your website. Thanks to you, I have such a wonderful addition to my family. He is everything that I had hoped for and we fell in love with him immediately. The passion, care and love that you give your puppies makes such a difference, he is so full of kisses, energy and such a joy for all of us.

I have been searching for almost a year for a Chihuahua puppy and it was not until I found you and your puppies that I knew I didn't need to look anymore, I had found exactly what I wanted. Even after your puppies have new homes, you want to hear how they are doing, see pictures and you tell new owners (parents) to call you with any questions. I think that it shows just how deeply you care for these puppies. I would gladly be a reference to anyone considering to adopt a puppy from you.
- - Sherry Herndon
Hello Darlene -- I want to "thank you" kindly for all your knowledge and expertise when I purchased my little chihuahua named "Dooley" from you. You have a "top notch" business (Darlene's Chihuahuas) and I highly recommend anyone seeking a little chihuahua to visit your website (www.cuddlepuppies4u.com). You are truly a very caring and accommodating breeder and one who "goes the extra mile" to make sure buyers are happy! My husband was the one who picked up our little bundle of joy and he was very impressed with your obvious love and top quality care for your chihuahuas.

We highly recommend Darlene's Chihuahuas to anyone searching for that little healthy adorable companion! As the saying goes . . . with great breeders come superior dogs !
Thanks again!
- - Lamar and Pam Benton
My husband purchased Ysabel for me last Christmas as a surprise. She is one of Jake and Tigger's puppies. Look how beautiful she is! I am proud to say that she sits on command, shakes hands and lays down on command. She knows how to heel on a leash, too. She has turned into a wonderful travel companion as she loves to ride in her crate in the car. She has been raised with two 10-year old Italian Greyhounds so Ysabel has no idea that she is a Chihuahua but she does wonder why her legs aren't as long! She has house-trained beautifully and everyone loves her!

Darlene, this is a top quality dog! I'm so glad my husband found you when he decided to purchase my Christmas surprise! When we're ready for another addition, we'll be back!
- - Connie Lewis
Cathy, We would like to start off with saying thank you for breeding such beautiful, healthy & happy babies. We would also like to thank you for allowing us to be the proud owners of 2 of your babies from your GCH sired litter! Dutchess & Nitro are babies we can truly be proud of & are by far two of the best puppies we have owned! You were very helpful from the very beginning & made sure your babies were going to great homes & I love that we stay in contact even after we purchased our babies. We look forward to you assisting us in the show ring in the near future!
- - Roger & Samantha Adkins
Cathy, I wish to thank you for my Bella. I only hope that I can express the joy she has brought me. The first time I saw her photo, I knew Bella was the one for me. She was too young to bring home, and this allowed me the chance to get to know you and how dearly you love your dogs. You kept in contact with me, updating me on Bella’s progress and sending photos. You met all my needs in preparation for my arrival to pick her up. Thank you for caring for my beautiful Bella and giving me a healthy, adorable, playful little pup!
Bella has been an absolute joy to me and everyone who has met her. She is my little girl, but she has always warmed up quickly to new people, including children. Smiles follow Bella, for she has always been so energetic and happy. She makes people around her happy. Her sweet disposition, friendliness and cute prancing have brought me immense joy.
Cathy, I cannot thank you enough for my Bella; she has been such a blessing to me. I would recommend you to anyone who is seeking a trustworthy breeder who is sincerely committed to her dogs and their well-being. Thank you for your love and concern for these amazing Chihuahuas.
- - Michelle J Bachini